Pastoral Care Committee

Chairman: Mark Kuiper, Teaching Elder, Three Rivers, Grove, OK

Purpose: To provide spiritual support and accountability to the Teaching Elders and churches of our region.

Specifically, the Pastoral Care Committee shall be responsible for but not limited to:
provide counsel and assistance in reconciliation for the purity and peace of the churches and the members of Presbytery;
provide accountability and encouragement for the health of the local church;
guide pastors needing to go through a discipline process;
receive and consider changes of call to an “out of bounds” status and making a recommendation to the presbytery regarding approval, according to the direction provided in BCO 8-7;
oversee the work of Teaching Elders serving outside the bounds of presbytery, according to BCO 8-7, and oversight of men without call, according to BCO 13-2;
review minutes from each church's session meetings;
advise the Spiritual Formation Committee on potential topics of discussion and training.