Candidates & Credentials Committee

Chairman: Bobby Griffith, Teaching Elder, City Pres, Oklahoma City, OK

Purpose: To oversee candidates/interns and examine candidates and pastors desiring to join the Presbytery.

Specifically, the Candidates & Credentials Committee shall be responsible for but not limited to:
● theological and personal examination of all Teaching Elders seeking to be ordained or installed in the Presbytery;
● approve the terms of all ministerial calls and present them to Presbytery;
● examine candidates coming under care, candidates for licensure, and candidates for ordination;
● perform relevant background and reference checks for all candidates;
● provide oversight and assign mentors for all candidates and interns;
● issue, receive, and review annual candidate and intern reports and make necessary recommendations to the Presbytery;
● develop and regularly remind the Presbytery of the process and the philosophy of examination throughout each of the stages of ministerial preparation and candidates credentialing.